Before we forget...

Nov 16, 2016

We renovated our first home back in 2011/2012 and always meant to write that final blog post showing the finished result.

We bought it for £250K, spent about £100K on it (£80K of that accounted for) and sold it for £535K, so a profit just shy of £200K. It can be done, children!

Just in case the rightmove link above permanently expires, here are the final photos.

Oh, and before you scroll down, here’s a reminder so you can see what a piece of crap this house was before we shook our respective magic wands at it.

front of the house, and look at this pretty hanging baskets! the back garden ground floor inside view from kitchen ground floor inside view from midway ground floor inside view from lounge ground floor inside view from dining area back garden again first floor master bedroom first floor master bedroom II first floor bathroom in what used to be a bedroom first floor bathroom again attic, and my old office attic again staircase spare bedroom spare bedroom again and back to where we started

Adios, first house. It was nice living in you.