The first viewing

The first viewing on 22nd of March, 2011. As you can see, the house needs a bit of work.

The bad

The previous owner poured concrete over the floor vents, hence all the joists under the floorboards are rotten. The lean-to is a rotten wooden structure that’s about to fall over. The bathroom needs to move upstairs, and the kitchen needs to go. Quickly. The place needs more light. The roof needs new flashings. The boiler is on its way out, because the radiators rusted in and introduced sludge into the pipes hence the boiler valve went bust. Did you notice the rusty radiator next to the loo? I reckon it’s because of a wee bit of back-splash ;-)

The good

Or, shall I say "The vaguely interesting".

The house is located in one of the first ever suburbs in the world (source).

And, it’s a “third class” house:

Noel Park plans

Freehold, with garden, and quiet streets. Quite a steal for the price. The surveyor said the bricks and mortar is solid, which is the most important bit.