Just read Montesorri, now reading Holt. Any dads want to share war stories about alternative schooling?

Full disclosure: I'm not a Node developer. I prefer languages with s-expressions. Play the hand you're dealt, I guess...

spotlightstat indeed I am. Moleskines, fountain pens and water colour all the way!

Rant 2/2: Node package developers: stop assuming the existence of a local ./nodemodules. Some of us use NODEPATH.

Rant 1/2: stop taking pride in the fact that you're downloading shows illegally. It's called stealing. You know who you are.

So, it turns out everyone's seen #MrRobot already.

PURE_Insider Great, thanks. One of the white ones were out of stock, so I bought the other white one :)

PURE_Insider Exactly my point - they are 2 different URLs. See the "select colour" buttons on either page.

Crikey, sometimes I wonder why I even reply to recruiters with "thanks for the consideration, but...".

Start using a bloody CRM! I've got 3 emails about the same position, 2 of those from the same person. Functionalworks

QuickFile I'm sending a new user I set up a 2FA email from QuickFile, but the link gives 500. Tried twice.

.hybris_software DataHub documentation: "Composition is made up of two processes: grouping and composition." My mind is now a pretzel.

Just completed another fun journey with gdsteam. See you again soon!

RT Reuters: BREAKING NEWS: Pearson to announce imminently it has decided to sell the Financial Times newspaper to a global digital news co…

A little bit over a year ago I deleted my LinkedIn account. Somehow, old colleagues still make an effort to find me, and they do.

shiftyjelly search on Android not that great. E.g. it finds "entreprogrammers" but not "entreprogrammer".