My 2017 Xmas post

Feb 11, 2018

It’s been a while since I posted, and I completely missed the boat on the 2017 Xmas post.

Why? My blog hosting provider suffered data loss which also explains why my notes dried up (btw, I’m all done now). I made two sets of notes one day, and in the evening one post was deleted, and the other moved back to draft.

Anyhoo, I’ve screenshotted (screenshat?) my website as it was that night after the loss and have since moved back to Jekyll:

thanks for nothing, Ghost.

Before I forget, here’s the home-made Xmas card. Belated merry Xmas and happy new year, chumps!

xmas card

Other stuff, in no particular order:

  • I’ve been on a news holiday for almost a year now. No Radio 4, no BBC News, nada.
  • I can with some certainty say I’m completely distraction-free.
  • I only use my mobile for chess, maps, and phone calls now (because my 4.5 year old still just want to play with the “horsies” when we try to play chess)
  • My family is awesome, and time with them is the only time I deem worth remembering. Which is why they come first. Always.

Digression: I’ve seen my fair share of grown men (in the workplace) being apologetic for having families, and I despise them for being like that. Remember, boys and girls: your CEO took home 5.2 million in bonus last year and laid off your mates in marketing - are you really going to miss little Billy’s first football match for THAT arse?

  • I digress too much.
  • Perhaps digression is my distraction.
  • My side project launched.