Breadcrumbs with Javascript

Oct 19, 2005

I have created a Javascript Breadcrumbs script, but called it YouAreHere for reasons specified in the js file. Put the js file on your server, and link to it from every page. Create a DIV id’d “youarehere” and specify its style, or write the YouAreHere string out to any tag on your page. For more info see the js file.

Download version 0.1: youarehere-0.1.js (7911 bytes)

Please note I left the comments in the file. Hopefully whoever looks at this will learn from it.

Other news


The Java-based CMS is really almost finished. The project split into 2 parts, called CMSBuilder and OpyateCMS. CMSBuilder spawned from the scripts that helped me create the bulk of my code (DB Beans, tag handlers, and tag handler descriptors). CMSBuilder can look at any existing CMS database, and create enough Java code to get you started on building your own Java-based CMS. OpyateCMS in the meantime helps me create the static HTML that is Almost ready for a live roll-out.


I’m still not happy with my site’s look, and it’s undergoing another redesign. My monitor uses a 1920x1440 resolution, and my site dissapears in the corner somewhere. The new look will use 100% of the monitor real-estate. And then there are a few other things I have in mind, but we will just have to wait and see ;-)