Just read Montesorri, now reading Holt. Any dads want to share war stories about alternative schooling?

Full disclosure: I'm not a Node developer. I prefer languages with s-expressions. Play the hand you're dealt, I guess...

spotlightstat indeed I am. Moleskines, fountain pens and water colour all the way!

Rant 2/2: Node package developers: stop assuming the existence of a local ./nodemodules. Some of us use NODEPATH.

Rant 1/2: stop taking pride in the fact that you're downloading shows illegally. It's called stealing. You know who you are.

So, it turns out everyone's seen #MrRobot already.

PURE_Insider Great, thanks. One of the white ones were out of stock, so I bought the other white one :)

PURE_Insider Exactly my point - they are 2 different URLs. See the "select colour" buttons on either page.

Crikey, sometimes I wonder why I even reply to recruiters with "thanks for the consideration, but...".

Start using a bloody CRM! I've got 3 emails about the same position, 2 of those from the same person. Functionalworks

QuickFile I'm sending a new user I set up a 2FA email from QuickFile, but the link gives 500. Tried twice.

.hybris_software DataHub documentation: "Composition is made up of two processes: grouping and composition." My mind is now a pretzel.