Hi, I'm Juan, and I live next to a park in London.

I like a lot of things, and sadly don't have much time for all of them. Things like coding, doodling, playing the guitar and reading. I was once a hackathon junkie. On good days, I bring these traits together and make games.

My upbringing was excellent. My family provided me with opportunities to try a bunch of activities like scuba diving and motocross. My family took me travelling to faraway places like Russia. My family also made possible for me to learn cool skills like chess and Karate.

I aspire to be that family to my own. Perhaps I'll also document that process along the way.


All my other content are slowly-but-surely being migrated here from about 7 or 8 other silos. IndieWeb FTW.


I have a professional website with more detail about the stuff I do to put bread on the table.

Juan Uys

Why opyate?

In ye olden days I left messages on our local BBSes just as juan, because name conflicts were rare in those days. Then in the 90s on IRC I was just juanzee which is what my best bud in high school called me (in fact, I dreamt about him again last night but haven't seen him since '93). Then the name conflicts really started in the naughties, and since I like having the same nick for everything I just so happened to be listening to Opiate by Tool and I thought I'd add a psychedelic 60s y for good measure. So, no big reason, just a whim ;-)