Hi, I’m Juan (pronounced like the French Jean) and this my online attic. War-time mentality slash “I might need it again” reigns supreme. Here you’ll find all my CC BY-NC-SA 4.0-licensed bits and pieces.

A few things about me. I

  • have the mind of a child
  • like pretty pictures
  • love silly jokes
  • seem to be the mindless bureaucrat of my own paperwork
  • am one part opsimath, one part flâneur, with a pinch of angry 6 year old

My loved ones are known as DW, DD1, and DD2 for the sake of their privacy.

This website doesn’t use Javascript and won’t track you.

This site is mostly for me, as I’m a digital hoarder.

If this messy mind does appeal to you, feel free to reach out.

Quick chronology

  • born in the seventies
  • the 80s is a blur of playing LEGO and watching “Karate films” on VHS
  • start programming in early nineties
  • experience mid-life crises in late nineties, write an exegesis on the world, but sell the computer it’s on

Yes, it was a tricky time. In fact, I looked a bit like an African David Foster Wallace back then:

I'm an African David Foster Wallace

Let’s continue…

  • briefly join a few bands and make “interesting” alternative music whilst burning through a small lump sum
  • hop over to Europe from Africa in the early 2000s with a view expand mind
  • said mind increasingly runs in circles thinking of different things, like a terrible polyglot
  • meet significant other around 2010s and finally feel like someone’s got my back
  • the continuance of purpose is side-tracked by the arrival of offspring
  • here we are now

living life backwards

a stranger in a strange land

keen like a puppy