Twenty Fifteen

Let's make this a quick one. I'm a busy dad, you know.

First of all, nothing comes close to the friendship I've developed with my wee little girl this year. She's two and a half now, and becoming ever more switched on. She embraced the recent house move admirably. She also has a sneaky sense of humour and will make a great fighter one day. (Coming from a civilised man, this means intellectual fighting, like the ones you encounter in a court room. Naturally.)

Did I mention a new house? Yes, I did. It's great. Right next to an Ofsted outstanding (for 20 years running) school. And a park in the back, which means no-one overlooks us, which is great. I'm earmarking the garage as a dual study slash workshop. Stay tuned.

A quick word on tech. I've mostly been at Conde Nast this year, heading up the API team. Our remit is ever expanding, so soon we'll re-incorporate to something more "platform team" -like. My immediate team uses JavaScript, but we'll be doing more Clojure/ClojureScript soon, and have been getting our hands dirty with a lot of ops involving Kubernetes, Docker, etc.

Personally, I've been doing a lot of stuff in Racket this year. Mostly personal projects still under wraps.

OK, so my wife is calling me from upstairs now. Talking of which. She is great. I dedicate this blog post to her. You are a strong, beautiful woman in the face of all the hiccups you've encountered throughout your life (including me!). I love you.