A webwords Chef cookbook

There are a lot of new examples up on the Typesafe website, a few with the word "Reactive" in them to drive home the credo behind the framework. One of my favourite examples, however, seem to have been demoted but remains one of my favourites: webwords.

The old Heroku link to the live running instance of webwords does not seem to be up anymore, so I whipped up a quick cookbook with which to spin up your own local instance.

The rest of this post is taken from the Github repo. Spin it up and have fun.

BTW, join me in doing the Principles of Reactive Programming course


You need the following dependencies:


Run the following steps:

git clone https://github.com/opyate/webwords-vm.git
cd webwords-vm

# If you're an RVM user,
#+ now's a good time to switch to your usual vagrant gemset.
# If you don't have gems or bundler, install it now
bundle install
gem install berkshelf
# Hook up Vagrant and Berkshelf
vagrant plugin install vagrant-berkshelf
vagrant up

...then hit the app at http://localhost:5000/words?url=opyate.com to test it against my site.


The blog post I never wrote.