We won Net-A-Porter hackathon!

I, along with Bhavic and Babs, won the Net-A-Porter hackathon.

NAP Snaps is a mobile photo sharing app which hooks into an intelligent fashion advisor on the backend. Fashionistas see something trendy out-and-about, take a photo (snap!) of it, upload it, and seconds later get a recommendation from our fashion advisors of an ensemble we stock.

The fashion consultant can be a human or an AI. In fact, if we had an extra few days, I would have loved to impress the venerable Mark and Natalie with a fashion bot.

It was built using RedFoundry and their very simple web-based data store. The latter had a web interface which we could easily use as a rough-and-ready console from a fashion advisor's point of view. This made for having beautiful, simple, and WORKING prototype which won us the prize.

team napsnaps, with Bhavic ironically always on his mobile